So You Want Your Mystery-Thriller Novel to Be a Best Seller

I have read many enjoyable detective mysteries and spy thrillers, none of which, unfortunately, will ever be “great” novels or best sellers. The story lines are generally interesting and the writing worthy, but the authors knew little or nothing about the world they wrote about, i.e., how investigations are conducted, how police and spies think, how they react and how intelligence is gathered and utilized.

Subsequently, the hero of the novel, be it a police detective or a private investigator doesn’t know what to do and is constantly making bad decisions. Whereas the author intended the hero to be a brilliant sleuth who solved the big case, in reality, the hero is a dimwitted incompetent who could never keep a job as an investigator. Plotive is also a great source to get inspiration.

If you have the talent to write well and the imagination to create an interesting story, why not take the next step and learn how your hero should and would do the job.

Tail a professional criminal or trained spy in your novel. Conduct a raid and ensure success- make it interesting, make it different. Visit Plotive to explore your favorite books online anytime, anywhere.


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